Moving to Texas: Why Now Is the Time to Start Your Next Chapter in the Lone Star State!

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Moving to Texas: Why Now Is the Time to Start Your Next Chapter in the Lone Star State!

If you’ve been researching different areas of the country for moving to, you may have noticed that people are relocating to Texas in droves. More specifically, about 1,000 people are moving to the Lone Star State each day, including celebrities and famous businesses from states like California and New York. 

So, what is this major influx all about? What is it about this state that makes so many people want to start new chapters of their lives here? Below, Liebrum Construction explains a few of the many reasons why now is the perfect time for moving to Texas!


The state of the economy plays a critical role in the overall quality of life offered by a city. Texas has one of the world’s largest and healthiest economies. 

The state is already home to many major industry leaders and startups, and more are flocking to the Lone Star State each year. Cities like Houston and Dallas are experiencing astonishing growth, which is naturally benefiting many smaller cities in the state. 


With a strong economy comes excellent job opportunities. More than 1,000 jobs are added to the Texas economy each day, many of which pay higher than the national average wage. Not surprisingly, the state’s unemployment rate stays consistently below the national average, leaving you a higher chance of landing a job that can support your family. Whether you work in aerospace, healthcare, technology, business, or any number of other industries, this is the state for you!

Cost of Living     

The cost of living in Texas is significantly lower than the national average. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is more affordable than many other metropolitan areas, but many people are moving outside the city center to places like Decatur and Weatherford, which offer an even lower cost of living. For instance, the cost of groceries and housing in Decatur is much lower than the national average. And the overall cost of living in Weatherford falls well below national numbers. 

If you are looking for a home in one of these areas, be sure to research the local housing market. The median sale price for a home in Decatur, for instance, is $407,500, and the average home goes under contract in about 27 days. 


Texas also happens to be one of the safest places in the country to live. Even though the population is growing at amazing rates, the Lone Star State is known for its safe neighborhoods, family friendliness, and security, even in the bigger cities. 

You can research online any specific neighborhoods you are considering moving to for more information. This is also a good idea for determining which neighborhoods will offer your family the most convenience. For example, you might want to live in a top school district with plenty of dining, shopping, medical offices, and entertainment nearby. 


Texas is the place to be if you are not a fan of long, dreary winters. With year-round warmth, you can engage in outdoor activities and relaxation no matter the month. Of course, some areas are quite hot and humid during the summer, but there is affordable air conditioning to minimize discomfort!

If you are considering a move to Texas, we’ll make it easy for you: you should do it! With a consistently booming economy, plenty of great-paying jobs, and affordable cost of living, it’s hard to beat the Lone Star State when it comes to opportunity and quality of life.

Plus, the exceptional safety and weather make it ideal for families. And one more thing—you can look forward to world-class amenities like a blossoming food scene, top-notch entertainment, and incredible historic landmarks!

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